ECRC Physical Therapy

Physical therapy provided by ECRC-PT is an effective method to recover from an injury or illness. We will positively affect your quality of life and your ability to move, work, and play.

ECRC-PT is committed to providing the most effective physical therapy evaluation and treatment for those affected by the loss of movement. We will positively improve our patients' function and we will help our patients restore their health in all areas of life.

Celebrating over 30 years of practice and applying our experience to help our communities, ECRC-PT offers a team of therapists with specialized and advanced training in the treatment of problems affecting muscles, tendons, joints, nerves and bones. ECRC-PT serves the communities in and around Norwich, Colchester, Lisbon and Killingly, Connecticut.

Contact us at our offices now for your best choice to start recovering today;

Killingly 860-779-0150
Lisbon 860-376-2564
Norwich 860-889-1948
Colchester 860-537-6798

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