The quality, experience and expertise of Physical Therapy at ECRC-PT will improve the quality of life of most of our clients. We provide effective hands-on treatment to our patients recovering from surgery, injury or illness returning them to a higher quality of movement at work and play. Our services include:

Spinal Care:

Don’t suffer needlessly. Our physical therapy staff will teach you how to improve and manage low back or neck pain.

Extremity Rehabilitation:

Get moving again. We are specialists in the treatment and restoration of movement of shoulder, arm, hip, knee and ankle trauma, pain or chronic dysfunction. We can get you on the road to recovery.

Pain Management:

Don’t suffer needlessly! We provide comprehensive patient education to help you manage chronic pain that affects your daily life.

Post Operative Rehabilitation:

You want to see improvement as you recover from total joint replacements or surgery affecting your back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, ankle, knee or hip. Our physical therapy staff possess great skill with years of experience to get you back to life’s activities.

Women’s Health:

Pain with some of a women’s daily or intimate aspects of life may require specialized attention and skills. Some of our physical therapists have advanced and specialized training that can improve a women’s health in such areas as incontinence, painful pregnancies, and post-hysterectomy pain.

Industrial Rehabilitation:

Get back to work safely and effectively. We provide specially trained physical therapy that includes on-site ergonomic training and conduct job site analysis. We can develop Return To Work programs. We develop and work with many businesses with pre-employment, post-offer/Pre-Work Screening. We guide and instruct companies in pre-shift exercises for their staff. We assess and help determine readiness to return to work with Functional Capacity Evaluations. ECRC-PT is a Quality WorkWell Provider.

Aquatic Program:

Aquatic physical therapy helps to improve your ability to exercise in a buoyant and resistive environment that can help you reduce pain while improving mobility. Small, individualized classes under the direction and supervision of a specially trained aquatic physical therapist takes place at local indoor pool facilities.


ECRC provides athletes of all ages and levels with tailored programs to help them recover and/or succeed in their given sport. Whether it be recovery from an injury, or even just a program to keep yourself in shape and prevent injury, ECRC can create a tailored athletic program for you. Below are some of our more popular program categories:

Sport Rehabilitation:

We offer sports injury assessment, sport specific reconditioning programs after injury, and treatment for all types of athletes at all levels of competition, young children to the mature athlete.

Videotaped Gait Analysis:

Get a better look at what you actually do when you walk. How is your walking pattern affecting your feet, knees and hips. Video gait analysis and podiatric physical therapy is beneficial for anyone who experiences chronic foot pain or athletes looking to improve their performance.

Athletic Training:

We provide sports physical therapy and athletic training services for Griswold High School and Killingly High School.

Golf Fitness:

Play golf at the level you desire. Don’t let pain and disability stop you. Improve your mobility and strength for a better golf swing and performance.

“Fit For U” Program:

Need to get started on a home exercise program but don’t know where to start? ECRC-PT ‘s Fit 4 U program is designed for you by the most qualified professional in movement. Get a fitness program designed by a Physical Therapist that meets your special needs.